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Things aren't always what they seem. Adversaries may pose as someone else to gain your trust and target your critical information


protect critical information

protect critical information

you never know where the adversary is lurking

San Juan Hill

You're not in Kansas anymore. Adversaries want your unit's critical information

Because you are not a Navajo code talker, and you're really not fooling anyone.

What did you tell today to help the enemy?

Some things are just plain wrong. Not using OPSEC to protect your critical information is just inexcusable

There are millions of reasons not to use OPSEC some of them are real killers

Practice OPSEC your trash could be an adversary's treasure

Protect yourself and the soldier next to you

Protect your signals

Be careful what you say or write

It's all fun and games until someone loses CI. Watch what you tweet.


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