February 1, 2015

No time security newsletter

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Security newsletters can be a great tool if done right; however, they can be a bit time consuming. Who really has time to be an author, editor, and publisher in addition to the regular 9 to 5 job duties? Not a whole lot of people, at least nobody I know. After awhile, it becomes difficult trying to keep coming up with fresh, relevant material. Trust me, I speak from experience on this one. After the first couple of editions, you begin to struggle and dread coming up with a newsletter. May be that's why the majority of them go be the wayside after so many editions?

This is why I am excited about Paper.li. If set up properly, you have a self-generating e-newsletter that requires little maintenance, so your program can easily reap the benefits while you focus most of your time doing other things. As Paper.li states on it's Learn More page, it "is the easiest way to collect, publish and share content on the web." (2014)

From their site:
The platform. Unparalleled power.
The key to a great newspaper is a great newsroom. The Paper.li platform gives you access to an ever-expanding universe of articles, blog posts, and rich media content. Paper.li automatically processes more than 250 million social media posts per day, extracting & analyzing over 25 million articles. Only Paper.li lets you tap into this powerful media flow to find exactly what you need, and publish it easily on your own online newspaper.
That's sounds like a lot of power. Within 30 minutes, I registered for an account, set up my paper, and published my first edition. Needless to say, I was impressed. They also have multiple posts, videos, and customer service to help you out if you get stuck.

Great features:
  • Automatically pulls from selected sources. You can select up to 25 sources which can be RSS feeds, social media accounts, or hashtags.
  • Apply filters on sources. You can further refine what stories to feature in the different sections.
  • Provides clean layout.
  • Uses click and drag to reorganize stories.
  • Archives previous editions.
  • Embed newsletter widget onto your site. This could be a great feature on a security website.
  • Set up publishing schedule. You can set it up to auto-generate a new edition twice daily, daily, or weekly
Plus I'm only talking about the free edition. If you opt for the paid Pro version you get even more control to customize.

By the sound of this post you would think that I'm doing a paid write up, but I'm not. I'm just that big of a fan. Currently I'm only playing around with the free version and am fairly impressed. Go ahead and leverage technology to increase security and threat awareness.

Not sure what content provider to choose? You can start off with some of my content resources I opted for:
  • Brian Krebs @briankrebs
  • Securing the Human @SecureTheHuman
  • State Department travel warning/alert RSS feeds
  • BBB Consumer News and Opinion Blog RSS feed
  • Tweets mentioning "espionage" and "terrorism"
Of course you can always opt to use our free security newsletter on Paper.li instead if you want an absolutely hassle free newsletter to use. :)

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