December 20, 2014

Holiday OPSEC Poems

Here are a couple of holiday OPSEC poems I have seen circulating around over the years. I've never seen an author name associated with them so I can't really credit any particular person. Keep these rhymes in mind to remember OPSEC this season.

The week before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas,
and all through the neighborhood,
thieves were out prowling,
they were looking for goods!
Uncollected newspapers
and grass two feet high -
Indicators the owner was not home,
and this caught the thief’s eye,
Now their home is empty,
the rooms are all bare,
If only they had remembered,
to be OPSEC Aware!

OPSEC and Ham

Sam I am.
Do you like OPSEC and ham?
I do not get it, Sam I am.
I do not get OPSEC and ham.
We must use it here and there.
We must use it everywhere.

You CAN share it in a car.
But you CANNOT in a bar.
You CANNOT share it in a text.
You CANNOT share it at the PX.
You CAN say it in your house.
But should NOT tell a random spouse.

You CAN say it in the shower.
But do NOT go sharing at happy hour.
DON'T make the security officer sweat.
DON'T post it on the internet.
You CANNOT share it in a tweet.
That would not be very sweet.

Beware of Facebook too!
It's tempting to let your feelings through.
You Cannot tell it to a friend.
NOT even at the very end.
It is a privilege to know a date.
DON'T tell ANYONE or they may be late!

Oh, I get it, Sam I am.
Now I get OPSEC and ham!
I will not tell anyone.
I will keep hushed until they're done!
I will not tell him or her.
I will not tell my dog with fur.
I will not tell my child's teacher.
I will not tell any creature.
Thank you, THANK YOU, Sam I am.

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