May 11, 2014

4 FREE Security Awareness Resources

Organically building a security awareness program takes a lot of time and effort. Of course if you cannot find the time to dedicate to this, there are ample of companies willing to sell you awareness products, such as posters or newsletters. Unfortunately, most security professionals lack both the time to organically build and the budget to purchase commercial off the shelf products.

What's a security manager to do? Build a program using free resources!
free security awareness material

Online Guide to Security Responsibilities
Free security awareness material
Online Guide to Security Responsibilities
by Defense PERSEC

Need to provide your workforce a comprehensive online security resource? 
The Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEC) developed a detailed "Online Guide to Security Responsibilities" that contains over 600 pages of material covering procedures for protecting both classified and controlled unclassified information, standards of personnel conduct, ethics, employee assistance, foreign espionage threats and methods, risks associated with foreign travel, force protection, counterintelligence, spy stories, homegrown terrorism, computer vulnerabilities, and vulnerability to communication intercepts and eavesdropping. Needless to say, it is rather comprehensive. Additionally, PERSEC regularly updates to reflect major Department of Defense security policy changes. PERSEC lets you download a modifiable version if you want to tailor and host it for your specific organization. That's what Wright University did. You can view their expanded version here.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides free security education materials covering topics such as credit, privacy, computer security, scams, and identity theft. They allow ordering quantities in 25, 50, and 75, so you can get ample of handouts to supplement your security awareness program. Not sure what to order? Go with their Sample Pack, which contains one copy of each of the materials in English and Spanish. You can also preview the material online before ordering. FTC Bulk Order site: 

Security Posters
What is a security awareness program without some security posters? Check out our Security Poster Library with over 400 different posters covering different topics, you're bound to find at least one you could use. They're free to use. All I ask is you give a link back. In my 2013 Resource: Security Posters post, I reviewed some other security poster sources you can check out. A couple of favorite are the Operations Security Professional's Association (OSPA) and NCMS Channel Island Chapter.

SANS Ouch! provides a monthly, free security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user. Each issue focuses on a specific timely topic, and teaches the reader how to protect him/herself. You can even look at archived newsletters for free. Past newsletter topics are "I'm Hacked, Now What?," "Yes, You Actually Are a Target," and "What is Malware."

These are only four FREE resources that I know of, but I am certain there are more out there. What are some security awareness resources I missed?
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