December 7, 2013

Christmas Holiday Security Posters

Looking to add some holiday cheer to your security awareness program? Here are some Christmas theme security posters from our Security Poster Library.

Even the big, fat man must comply with access control procedures.

Santa does a double check, make sure you do when locking up for the day.

Classified packages need to wrapped with care not just this time of year, but all year around.

Sensitive information must be handled with care.

A holiday reminder of individual security responsibilities.

Grinch holiday theme security poster.

Security is a 24/7 responsibility, even during the holiday season.

Holiday OPSEC poster.


Even during the holiday season, we must practice security.

Parent practice OPSEC to keep the children's belief in Santa.

Holiday wishes from Security.

Holiday theme poster posing the question, do you know who you're dealing with on the Internet? Practice OPSEC, even online.

In a letter to Santa, Foreign Intelligence Services state what they want for Christmas. Their "Wish List"  never changes. They're after your secrets.

Santa Christmas security poster reminding people that security is everybody's responsibility.

Even during the holiday season, it is security season.

Security Department's holiday greetings.

Even during the holiday season, keep up your security responsibility. I believe this is an old picture of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) building.

Holiday themed security poster to remind people about security.

Holiday themed security poster to guard against complacency by practicing their security responsibilities.

Holiday wishes from the Security Department.
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