November 24, 2013

Spam Can: Uncreative Phishing

Every once in a while, I like to go through my email's spam folder; what I often refer to as the "Spam Can." I like to see the items that get caught up in my spam filter. This one made me sad, since it lacked any creativity. It's like they're not even trying!

As you can see from the screen snapshot, all the email body contained was a hyperlink enticing people to click on it for a free prize. In this example, it was free pills to wake up my hot monster! Obviously I didn't click on it, and Yahoo would not give me a clue on what URL the link would direct me to if I did happen to click on it. A classic phishing attempts try to lure the receiver into clicking on a link or downloading an attachment, which would inject some computer virus. My curiosity didn't get the best of me. Besides, I prefer to receive my drugs from trusted, known sources.

Phishing attempt
With a great offer such as free pills to awake my inner monster, why would it need any other information?

 The full header for the email showed it came from the IP address Doing a quick search on the IP address showed me that it was registered in the Ukraine. The Eastern Block countries like to rival the African countries in phishing attempts.

Security reminder!
As always people should be careful when they receive emails with only links in the body. If your email links to somebody, ensure you either digitally sign the email or include texts to alert the receiver that it's really you.

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