March 5, 2013

Resource: Security Posters

While I complain about security programs being too reliant on posters, I do realize they play an important role too. I include a good mix of posters in mine. Posters need to be balanced with other elements of a well developed program. You need to keep them fresh and relevant. Here is a collection of links to find the right posters to support your program.

Posters For Free!! Perfect for every budget.

Poster from DSS
The Defense Security Service (DSS) provides a nice mix of free posters. Granted some are not that great, but there are some decent ones; plus they are FREE! Since DSS is a government agency and the government cannot copyright its material, you don't have to worry about copyright infringement. Besides, most government security specialist are excited to see people using their stuff.

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Western Region Security Office hosts 39 pages of free security posters. Most are from the 70's and 80's, but you can use them for a bit of nostalgia. I like the look of some them. These items are not copyrighted.

From NCMS website.
The Operation Security (OPSEC) Professionals' Association (OSPA) have a mix of OPSEC posters. Some of them are pretty good, and I would put them into circulation on the awareness campaign. OSPA stated you may edited the posters to tailor it towards your program; just give them some credit.

The NCMS Channel Island Chapter hosts a good poster collection. They have not updated their publicly available selection since 2008, so don't expect any new products. These items are copyrighted, so prior to modify, you would have to obtain permission.

Posters for a fee option.

$ave your money and don't bother.
Native Intelligence, Inc develops cartoonish security awareness posters that come across as cheesy. Honestly, I do not think they are worth the cost. I created better looking posters with Microsoft free Clip Art and a PowerPoint type program. Just save the presentation as a "jpg" and I'm ready to distribute at no cost. Don't believe me? Below is an example. I'll let you be the judge.

Native Intelligence, Inc.                                               Security Checks Matter
Made within 15 minutes on Google Docs Presentation with
an image from Microsoft Clip Art. This poster is not copyrighted.

Worth the investment.
Monthly NoticeBored produces high quality posters that changes themes. I really wish I had a budget for my security awareness program, so I could purchase their products. What is great about them, is they do way more than really good posters. They also a the NBlog that could spark some ideas. They are always listed under my favorites, and considered an asset to any security awareness program.
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